Plane, Near Churchill, MBInstallation ShotInstallation ShotInstallation ShotMuskeg Express, Winnipeg, MBChurchill, MBWhiteout (No. 1)Untitled, Dene Village Spruce (No.5)Dorm Room, Northern Studies Centre, Ft. Churchill, MBRocket Launcher, Ft. Churchill, MBUntitled, Dene VillageSpent Rocket, Fort Churchill, MBSpruce (No. 17)Fireweed, Churchill, MBWhiteout (No. 2)Untitled, Dene VillageNorthern Lights/Star Wars, Ft. Churchill, MBDogs, Near Churchill, MBUntitled, Dene VillageSpruce (No. 2)Whiteout (No. 3)Butterflies, Churchill, MBDrift, Churchill, MBSpruce (No. 22)Untitled, Dene VillageSpruce (No. 36)Planets and Stars, Ft. Churchill, MBCold War-Era Radar Facility, Near Churchill, MBWhiteout (No. 4)
Northern Studies
The series explores the realities and projected fantasies of Northern isolation using Canadian pianist Glenn Gould's experimental 1967 radio documentary The Idea of North as a scaffold and guide.