projects > Axis and Allies 2002-2005

Some info about the project:

Over the course of several summers I photographed several groups of Midwesterners who re-enact WWII scenarios.

The groups I was primarily interested in focusing on were German and Russian.

The battles were private and not open to the public.

The images were made at the height of the the war in Iraq.

My motivation for making the photographs and the questions they bring up were/are complex.

The re-eanctors motivation for participating were also complex.

In order to make the photographs I had to participate in the events.

Far and away the most popular and largest groups were German and not American as I would have thought.

A persons uniform when re-enacting is referred to as an" impression". Generally they were authentic WWII uniforms.

The weapons were also authentic and vintage to WWII.

All riffles and guns were checked before each battle scenario to make sure they were only loaded with blanks.

The scenarios were meant to replicate well known battles sure as "The Bulge" and "Operation Market garden".

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